How Paytm Make Billion $? The Business Model of Paytm

 Did you actually feel that a 'Half cup chai' could be purchased through online installment? Being a 90's child, I actually recollect the battle to get the difference in a Rs. 500 note to purchase my preferred Rs 5 Ice-cream. That fervor of scratching the energize coupon in the expectation of getting some extra advantage.. In 2010 came an unrest when Vijay Shekhar Sharma dispatched Paytm. 

Those were the days when Cash backs were the main wellspring of my pocket cash. I can't overlook those battles with my kin to separate the quantity of revives and bill installments of the house. 

How Paytm Make Billion $? The Business Model of Paytm

My life was consistently on target until this inquiry entered my thoughts, "How does Paytm acquire cash?" I have consistently examined that a business is assume to procure benefits. At that point how was Paytm meeting the two finishes? 

Indeed, I found my solution when I became more acquainted with about its incredible Business Model.


Paytm is a computerized wallet administration working both through an application and site possessed by One97 Communications Ltd. Paytm plan of action could be concentrated by isolating the purpose of incomes as follows: -

Mobile Revenue Model

Paytm advances the installments of energizes and bills as it gathers a commission from the organization supplier. Presently the money backs bodes well as they are sponserd by those organization suppliers. Isn't it cool this is one of the critical wellsprings of salary for the organization!

Interest on Mobile Wallet Funds

Another cool income model of Paytm is that it really wins enthusiasm on target that we keep in the e-wallet? Paytm opens an escrow account with one of the accomplice banks and procures a specific premium commonly settled on them. Envision the income it would create with 10 million or more clients!

Paytm Mall

The online commercial center of Paytm is an ideal stage for the sellers and searchers. The organization charges a commission between 5-20% of the items sold. As indicated by money related outcomes for monetary 2018, Paytm shopping center multiplied its income which contacted a high of 775 crores.

Paytm Payment Gateway

One thing that has become an impulse today is the Paytm QR code. Rather than looking for hard money, my eyes search for the QR at whatever point I shop something. It is a similar story with us all as it is so helpful and bother free. As an extra snare, there is money back as well. Paytm charges an expense between 1.5-2% from the dealers utilizing this administration. As indicated by Financial Report 2018-19, the organization revealed 5.5 billion exchanges.

Data Analytics

As we realize that information is the new oil today, Paytm likewise plans to open their consultancy administrations. Envision the information that the organization would have Asby encouraging a large number of exchanges and how valuable it would be for different organizations. It's a success win circumstance for Paytm.


Indeed, as of now the organization isn't making benefits as it is zeroing in on building its image and extending its business. From 'Gol-Gappa' merchants to those huge grocery stores, the organization has expanded its arms each conceivable way and this methodology will lead them to benefits in the up and coming years. Paytm today has become an aspect of our regular daily existences. The popular line, PAYTM KARO.. is genuinely effective and will keep on pulling in clients.